A Meditation on Psalm 19

The sun, that great star which warms the earth, runs it circuit from dawn until dusk.  It has done this since it was created and will continue to do so until the new creation.  Its warmth and light are felt all year round.  There is nothing that can escape its heat and light.

The law, the pure holy will of God given on Sinai, runs it circuit from our conception until our death.  Its accusations and crushing blows can be felt all life long.  There is no part of anyone’s life that can escape its damning light and fire.

The Son of God, ever begotten of the Father, runs His circuit for all eternity.  We have seen His glory; it is full of grace and truth.  He shone forth on Calvary, and His ever redeeming grace is felt for all eternity.  No sin can never be covered by its warmth and light.

Thanks be to God that, through our Baptism, He has removed the oppressive heat and accusing light of the law, and has given us a soul quickening and redeeming light, which increases our circuit from death and damnation to life for all eternity.  All this through Christ Jesus given us in Baptism.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!

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