Look upon my affliction and my pain, and forgive all my sins

Look upon my affliction and my pain
and forgive all my sins – Psalm 25:18

In this Psalm David crys out to God for mercy.  Something is bothering David in his life.  Yet his "eyes are ever toward the Lord for He shall pluck [his] feet out of the net."

Yet David does not ask God to remove the affliction, at least not in the above verse.  David asks for his sins to be forgiven.  Even in todays lection David does not ask that  Shimei’s cursing be stopped because it could have been from God.  And may be used by God.

Thus it should be for us.  Let us not dwell on our pain, but dwell upon God’s ever flowing forgiveness.  This forgiveness gushed upon us at Baptism, fills our ears with the sweet ringing of Absolution, and fills your mouth with Christ’s body and blood.  When things don’t go your way and get you down say the Kyrie, Lord have mercy, he will hear you.  He has had mercy and will continue to do so.  Kyrie eleison!!

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