O bless the Lord! My soul give praise

O bless the Lord! My soul give praise
to God of my salvation
His mercy lasts to endless days
and covers all transgression
e’en though oft forsake His name
He shall still love me all the same
and take me up to heaven.

O praise the Son who came to earth
to win for me salvation
Took up my flesh in virgin birth
yet was without transgression
He throughout his life was despised
e’en when he was most glorified
upon the cross of glory!

O Savior please give unto me
the fruits of Thy dear Passion.
And from all my sin set me free
from it Thy face keep hidden!
It was all washed away in blood
found in Baptism’s saving flood
through Word bound unto water.

We come unto Thy table Lord
to eat and drink salvation.
We trust completely in Thy word
and taint not its def’nition
It is indeed what Thou hast said;
that with Thy body we are fed,
And drink Thy blood shed for us.

May this be for me comfort Lord
as I go out to serve Thee
Strenghten’d and quicken’d by Thy word
and trusting in Thy mercy.
Yet when I sin I can’t find peace
So trusting Thee I shall not cease
to cling to Baptism’s merit.

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