Badgers 48 – Gophers 12

Paul Bunyan TrophyYesterday the Wisconsin Badgers play the Minnesota Gophers and stomped them by a whopping 48-12.  This is a rivalry dating back to 1890, and we even have a trophy to prove it.  It’s  Paul Bunyan’s Axe and my mighty Badgers have held it now for three strait years.  Not only that, but now my Badgers are solidly third place in the Big Ten all thanks to Iowa’s loss.  And we’re only on game back from Michigan.  "If you want to be a Badger, just come along with me, By the light, by the light, by the light of the moon."

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin
Plunge right through that line,
Run the ball clear down the field, boys
Touchdown sure this time
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin
Fight on for her fame,
Fight, Fellows, Fight, Fight, Fight
We’ll win this game!

Oh that big ol' axe

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