Someone to save Christendom

The other day I was watching the Luther movie.  It’s a pretty good move, though historically in acurate, but there is instance that was really interesting to me.  When pope Leo X is crowned pope Cardinal Cajetan says, "I’ve been awating someone who would save Christendom.

We may outright disagree with that statement; thinking that the pope can’t keep down the Reformation because God is on our side of things.  But even we think as Cajetan said.  We often hope for someone to save Christendom.  "All we need is another Luther to rise and once again show us the way we ought to go!"  O what slothful creatures we are.

As if Christ needs someone else to save His Christendom.  He has already done that!  He did it on the cross, and now He perfected His Bride, who is Christendom, in the washing of water and the word.  He has redeemed more than us, His Church, His blood covers even the sins of the whole world.  He has done more than just washing His Church with water and word, but given His own body and blood to us.

Let us not think that we need someone to save Christendom.  For Christ has done it.  He died for our redemption and raised again for our justification.  He has saved us.  When we think that we need saving let us look to Christ.  Not to popes, Luther, Walther, or any other man; it takes more than a man.  It took a God-man Jesus Christ to die and rise.  Waiting for someone to save Christendom?  No need!!!  It has already been washed in the blood of Lamb.  Amen and Amen.

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