Does anyone have an answer?

The other day one of the more influential Pastors left to go East.  And that doesn’t mean he took a call to the eastcoast, but he has gone to the Eastern Orthodox Confession.  He is not the first Pastor to change from one confession to another, but it always seems to turn heads.

St. Paul did it, and many Christians still feared him.  Martin Luther did, and a Papal Bull excomunicated him from the Roman Catholic Church.  Once again a pastor leaves to another confession and feelings become hurt, consciences become burdened, and the body of Christ begins infighting once again.  Where is the answer to these problems?

How can we, the body of Christ, have problems for He has washed us by water and the word?  Yes, but the body is still full of sinners; sinners who need the grace of Christ.  Yet, we look at our neigher and become haughty and puffed up, as the Pharisee who thought low of the Publican.

When we do this we loose sight of Christ, and look for the answer to our problems, and inevitably the grass looks greener in the other field.  Even friends of mine and I would have conversations of the same vein.  Where is the answer?  Is it East?  Is it Rome?  Is it Luther?  Is it Mankeito?  What is the answer to all our problems?

Since our problem is sin, Christ is our answer.  He gave us the answer in Baptism, he said, "I baptize you…" and now we are his.  He is our shepherd, and will guide us to himself and to his grace.  He leads us there through his body and blood.  He guides us there even when others loose sight of Christ, and he even bids them to return to the cleft of his side where our rest is.

Rev. Fenton left.  What’s done is done, but let us fix our eyes on Christ.  And know that he is our guide, and that he will keep us free from all ill.  Let us remember that Christ is our one true shepherd still.  He will perfect us.  He has done it.  We are reconciled.  O Lord, have mercy.

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