Awaken! Awaken! Our Lord Calls to Us

“Awaken!  Awaken!” Our Lord calls to us,
“Come forth from thy tomb and arise from the dust.”
Rejoice in the Lord all who are call’d by him.
Sing forth songs of praise and an exultant hymn.

Remember the Lord, who hath rescued from sin,
Sav’d us from the grave and our nature within.
The blood from the Lamb hath made ev’rything new.
Now, let us give thanks for it’s right so to do.

The Lord is our strength and the Lord is our might.
He foil’d Satan’s plans and hath ended sin’s plight.
He is our true refuge from all the world’s strife.
He made us his church, and hath made her his wife.

Awaken!  Awaken, and put on Thy might,
O arm of the Lord, who makes ev’rything right.
Defend us from Satan, that old wily foe,
So here we may praise Thee and Thy mercies know.

Now to God the Father, and to Christ the Son,
And unto the Spirit, the great Three in One
We sing Alleluia, and bless’d be the Lord,
And sing songs of praise in an exultant chord.

Metre: 11. 11. 11. 11.
Tune: Walther

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