The Word and Water

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

Inspiration: Holy Baptism

Meter: 557 D 55554 D

Text: © 2007; alt. 2022

Tune: In Dir Ist Freude

Music: Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, c. 1556–c. 1622

The Word and water
Give us a shelter
In the midst of God’s good grace.
The Spirit descending,
Jesus He’s sending;
Then our sins all flee apace.
Heaven is ours___
Useless are powers,
Kingdoms, dominions,
And Satan’s minions;
These grace-filled waters vanquish our foes!
Silenced are hauntings
Of sin-guilt’s tauntings;
We are now holy
As Christ is holy
Because these waters drown all or foes!

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