A Prayer and Hymn for Saints and Martyrs

O Almighty and Heavenly Father, we gave thanks unto Thee for the sending of Thy Beloved Son, to die for our salvation; we most heartedly pray Thee that Thou wouldst give us strength to follow His example in our lives.  May we also, Lord, receive encouragement by those faithful servants whom Thou hast so deigned to go before us, and  we also continually give most hearty thanks unto Thee, O Father, for keeping them faithful, even faithful unto death; we beseech Thee to grant us a full measure of Thy Spirit that we may so follow the example of those whose faith never wavered, so that we too may finally obtain the victory; through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Our Lord: who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost ever one God, world without end.  Amen.

Behold the blood of Saints and Martyrs –
‘Tis spilled on sand, and soil’th the ground.
These are the faithful and the conq’rors
And in their death in Christ are found.
Let not great fear our faith becloud,
For, lo, their blood crieth out to God.

Be not dismayed by man’s oppression
E’en when it comes with wrath and toil
For Christ hath giv’n us great salvation –
This ne’er can taint the earth’s rich soil –
Men taketh only earthly life,
But ne’er can seize our crown of life.

So firmly cling, O Lord, unto me
And ne’er let evil prosper here.
I’m firmly planted in Thy mercy,
Which bideth me live not in fear –
Thy Word and Sacraments sustain
‘Til I my heav’nly crown obtain.


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