My Faith in Christ is Firmly Tied

Photo by Jay on Unsplash

Inspiration: The Holy Sacraments

Meter: Common Meter (8686)

Text: © 2009; alt. 2022

Tune: St. Flavian

Music: The Whole Booke of Psalmes, London, 1562

My faith in Christ is firmly tied
To all He did for me—
The life He lived, my death He died,
And gifts He giveth me.

My hope in Christ is firmly set
Upon His cross and grave
Where He hath fully paid my debt –
Pulled me from death and grave!

So simple, and yet so profound
My reason sees it not
That grace in Christ shall e’er abound
In things that seem as naught.

My life in Christ is firmly tied
To Him my Life, my Way.
By Word and water ‘twas supplied
On my baptismal day!

Lo, from the mouths of simple men
Christ’s words come to mine ears
Proclaiming me to be forgiv’n—
Removing all my fears!

Though all I see is bread and wine,
It is not all that’s there—
The flesh and blood of Christ, the Vine,
Who is my heav’nly share!

Behold, the gift’s Christ giveth me—
How manifold they are!
From sin and hell they set me free
And heaven’s gates unbar!

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