Where O Death?

Death always seems to be around the corner.  From tornados, to craigslist crazies, and even plane passenger paralysis.  All these are proof that death and the body’s decay are ever drawing near.  And usually it’s quite unexpected.


Still people try to escape.  There are many ways.  Using and killing the unborn just so we can get at least possibly one extra day of breath.  There’s this or that exercise program to help keep us kicking – add a few extra years.  But what of it?  We all eventually will reach our inevitable end – death.


But Christ shows us what our end is supposed to be.  Not death, but life.  Christ can triumphantly proclaim, "Where, O grave, is thy victory?  Where, O death, thy sting?"  He conquered all those things that would take our lives, and even conquered the things that don’t just kill the body, but kill eternally – sin, death, and the power of the devil.


So what of us?  It’s nice and all that Christ rose, but what about me.  I don’t want to die.  But you and I have already died.  We died, maybe for some of us very many years ago, at the font.  There the Word of God in the water killed us, but it also made us alive.  We too can proclaim, "Where, O grave, is thy victory?  Where, O death, thy sting?"  Yes we may die, but what’s the grave’s victory or death’s sting?  They are now a portal to be with Christ.  Cemeteries are no longer fields full of the dead, but for us Christians they are fields waiting to blossom with those departed in Christ who are only planted there for a little while for they will be raised and we all will be with Christ forever.


Jesus Christ is risen, indeed!  Alleluia!

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