What kind of Jesus?

 What kind of Jesus do we have?  Surely some images come to mind.  Everyone out there has their own version of who they think Jesus is.  Maybe he’s just a really nice guy.  A good role model, a law-giver.  Just a wise teacher like Buddha.  Maybe he’s the type of guy who might give us our best life right now.  Maybe he gives us everything we want now, and if we don’t get it, we have to work to get it.

What of our Jesus?  Maybe we see Jesus like the Bible shows him to be – one who is for us.  Even with us – God in the flesh.  What kind of Jesus was for us this week?  For the woman subject to bleeding from Mark 5.  WE konw the story – a woman was subject to bleeding for 12 years.  She spent all she had on doctors who could do nothing for her.  So she sought Jesus.  "All I have to touch is the hem of his garments, and I will be made well," the woman thought, "Just rest in the shadow of his wings."

So she does that very thing, and we get a different Jesus today.  Sure he is for us and the woman, but Jesus is a little confused.  Sure, some might say that he’s wanting a confession of faith of the woman, but Jesus seems a bit surprised at his power going out.  What does this mean for our Jesus?

It gives a glimpse of his nature, of who he is as God-in-the-flesh.  He gives all the time.  He forgives all the time.  It even surprises him.  All he can do is give, give, give.  Give healing to the woman.  Give himself for our sins on the cross.  Clothe us with himself in baptism.  Give his words to ring in our ears, and give his body and blood to us in communion.  What kind of Jesus do we have?  A giving-all-the-time Jesus.

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