What Joy and Cheer Come unto Me

Inspiration: Matthew 16; John 20

Meter: Long Meter (8888)

Text: © 2010

Tune: Old Hundredth

Music: Trente quatre Pseaumes de David, Geneva, 1551, ed. Louis Bourgeois

What joy and cheer come unto me
When Jesus’ servant speaks to me
That word of mercy, grace, and peace
Which doth bestow from sin release. 

No other word can joy my heart
And ever bid my fears depart
Save that which cometh forth from Christ:
“Thou, too, receivest Paradise.”

A certain Word this e’er remains.
‘Tis sure!  It also e’er contains
A pardon which is full and free
Therefore, O Lord, I sing to Thee:

“O blessed Christ I give Thee praise
For Thou hast giv’n those wondrous keys
Which shall unlock the gates to heav’n
For those who’ve had their sins forgiv’n.” 

Such grace divine is giv’n to men,
O Lord, ‘tis great—beyond our ken
And giv’n so we assured may be
All our sins are absolved by Thee.

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