Within A World with Countless Foes

Meter: 87 87 44 77

Text: ©2010

Tune: Was Gott Tut 🔊

Music: Severus Gastorius, 1646–82

Within a world with countless foes
Who seek our soul’s destruction, 
Where we’re beset by many woes 
That keep us in dejection
‘Tis true indeed
We are in need
Of a great, mighty Savior
Who will stay with us ever.

That one is Christ who e’er remains
Our unassail’ble castle,
Who all our enemies disdains,
And ‘gainst them all shall wrestle.
They shall not stand;
Christ is at hand
To drive them back confounded,
They then are surely routed!

The fight was fierce, yet He has won
Though sore well-armed looked His foes.
It seemed that He had been undone,
When death and grave dealt their blows,
But forth He burst;
They are dispersed,
And cannot stay in battle.
With Christ they cannot grapple.

As warrior mighty He went out,
And fought the battle for us.
We now should never be in doubt
That He has conquered for us.
Though satan rave
And threaten grave,
He’s but a foolish mocker
For Christ removed his power.

No matter what that foe may do
We can still mock and jeer him;
His strength shall ne’er again hold true,
For Christ tot’lly o’erwhelmed him.
Christ did at length
Remove his strength
That we may heav’n inherit,
And that through His own merit.

Not foes, nor fears, nor any pow’r
Can e’er remove this vict’ry.
Fore’er ’twas sealed e’er since the hour
That Christ died and made us free;
That ’twas the end.
His blood now stands
As our constant redemption;
Now naught can steal our heaven.

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