Praise We Christ, Our Lord and Savior

Praise we Christ, our Lord and Savior,
Who has called from east and west.
He Himself is Lord of Sabbath
And has called us to that rest
Where we both shall feast and banquet
With the patriarchs of old,
With the prophets and apostles,
And with all the martyrs bold.

There we shall evermore praise Him,
In that joyous banquet hall,
And we ever shall behold Him,
Who has called us one and all.
There the Father’s ever giving
From His everlasting store.
At that heav’nly nuptial banquet
We shall feast forevermore!

We join thousands thousands numbered
On their foreheads with God’s name,
And we join a thousand myriads
Who are reckoned by the same.
Countless is that holy legion,
Whom Christ called from west and east,
And He’s brought such countless number
To th’eternal wedding feast.

In that beatific vision
We’ll join angel hosts and throngs
Ever singing joyous praises
And unending joyous songs
To the Father and the Spirit
To the Son, the Lamb of God,
Who is now and e’er our Bridegroom!
All shall praise the Triune God!

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