The Lord Has Caused Us to Embark

The Lord Has Caused Us to Embark (small)Tune: Allein Gott in der Höh; Nicoluas Decius, c. 1485–after 1546; setting: Hieronymus Praetorius, 1560–1629
Meter: 87 87 887
Text: Aaron T. Fenker, © 2014
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Mark 6:45–53; 1 Corinthians 2:9

The Lord has caused us to embark
Upon a journey wending.
Its way is often rude and dark
With toil that seems unending.
But, lo!, that journey’s end is sure
For He has saved us, made us pure
By Word and Water flowing.

This font has placed us in the boat
Of Christ’s most holy dwelling,
His Church, that evermore shall float
E’en though the seas are swelling.
The wind is great; the waves are high,
But Jesus Christ is ever nigh
To pass by with His mercy.

The terror of the threat’ning hour
Is stormy, dark, distressing.
The foe then musters all his pow’r,
And comes upon us pressing.
He makes us look upon our woe,
Convincing us Christ is our foe.
But Christ is there declaring,

“Take heart! I cast your fear away!
There is no need for terror!
I AM and with all the way,
And bring you weather fairer.
You never shall on storm-tossed sea
Be in My boat apart from Me
I’m ever there beside you.

There is no tempest, storm, or wave,
That shall fore’er o’erpow’r you,
And there’s no power, foe, or grave
That shall fore’er devour you.
I crossed the storm, braved death for you,
I shed My blood to ransom you,
Brought calm and peace forever.”

Whatever Jesus bids for us
Shall surely reach the ending
Of which, in love, He deigned for us
When He had done His sending.
The waves once fierce are fierce no more,
And we shall surely reach the shore
Where we shall live forever.

So I will face the treach’rous days,
And, though great waves shall batter,
I know I’ll reach the endless days
For Chirst their pow’r will scatter.
The tears and pain of earth’s short strife
Shall e’er give way to blissful life
Within the port of heaven!

What wondrous mercy, peace, and grace!
They’re won and giv’n by Jesus
That one day we shall face to face
See Him who surely frees us.
No ear has heard, no eye has seen
What’s been prepared for those who’ve been
Baptized into Christ Jesus!

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