Rejoice, O Saints, in Christ our Lord

Photo by Steve Hruza on Unsplash

Inspiration: John 1:1–14; Luke 2:7, 13–14; Matthew 1:21–23

Meter: Long Meter (

Text: © 2014

Tune: Turor

Music: C. Burney, 1726–1814

Rejoice, O saints, in Christ our Lord,
Who is the one, eternal Word!
He came, was born of Virgin mild,
To save those by their sins defiled.

Rejoice, O saints, upon this day!
Recall the manger and the hay
Where God Himself once laid His head.
How humble was the Christ child’s bed!

Rejoice, O saints, this Christmas day!
Resound a loud, triumphant lay
For Christ, our King, was on His throne
Where beasts and oxen made their home.

Rejoice, O saints, for swaddling clothes
Are what God’s mother Mary chose!
The one and only Son she wrapped,
To keep our Lord warm while He slept.

Rejoice, O saints, this happy morn
For Jesus Christ for us has worn,
In human flesh, the robes of death
To show He’d give His dying breath!

Rejoice, O saints! The Word was true
That told what Jesus Christ would do:
He’d bear our sin, our grief and pain;
He’d die our death; He’d rise again.

Rejoice, O saints, e’en without end
For Christ is our eternal friend!
He does our human nature share,
And so He shall fore’er and e’er!

Rejoice, O saints, you happy throng,
For naught can end our joyful song!
Rejoice, O saints in heav’n and earth!
Rejoice at our dear Savior’s birth!

Rejoice, O saints, you countless throng,
And join with the angelic song!
Rejoice and sing with countless host
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

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