It Happened in the Days of Old

Inspiration: Genesis 22; Hebrews 11:17–19

Meter: Long Meter Double (8888 8888)

Text: © 2015

Tune: Peterborough

Music: John Goss, 1800–80, alt. (Public Domain)

It happened in the days of old
That God appeared to Abraham,
And thus the one dear Son foretold.
“Oh, hear Me now,” said the I AM,
“And I will show where you must go.
Take him, the one you love, your heir.
With Isaac, you must rise and go,
And you will sacrifice him there!”

In faith he heard and kept this Word,
And Isaac’s fate he did not dread.
He placed his hope upon the Lord
And trusted Him to raise the dead.
He caused his son to bear the wood,
While he himself brought fire and blade.
His son consented to the load—
Bound willingly, on altar laid.

Upon that mountain stark and high
Did Abr’ham wield the slaught’ring knife.
For Isaac he had brought it nigh
To shed his blood, to take his life.
The blade was thrust by Abr’hram, held
Within his trusting, faithful hand,
At once the Lord cried out and yelled:
“O Abr’ham, stop! Please stay your hand!”

With faith and trust in God’s sure Word,
He stayed his hand, released his son.
“I know You trust Me,” said the Lord,
“Since you have not withheld your son.”
Lo!, not far off there was a ram,
Whose horns in thicket were ensnared.
The Lord Himself had giv’n that lamb
That Abr’ham’s heir might thus be spared.

This is the wondrous mystery
Upon that mountainside revealed:
There is but One ordained to be
The Son who’d die, whom God has sealed
To be the bearer of our sin,
To be the final sacrifice
That we the victory might win
And live as heirs in Paradise.

That Son was Jesus Christ the Lord,
Who truly was the Father’s Lamb.
He willingly obeyed each Word
And freely took our guilt and shame.
He, scourged and mocked, bore His own cross,
And, crowned with thorns, was crucified.
Forsaken and cast off like dross,
On Calv’ry for our sins He died.

O Savior, Jesus Christ, God’s Lamb,
You have for us God’s Word fulfilled.
O greater Seed of Abraham,
You once for sinners lived, were killed,
Then three days later rose again—
Thus we are heirs with You fore’er.
For this we’ll praise You now and when
Eternal life with us You’ll share.

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