How Beautiful the Feet that Trod

Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash

Inspiration: Isaiah 52:7; Romans 10:14–15

Meter: 88 88 887

Text: © 2015

Tune: Mons Praeclarissimus, © 2015 🔊

How beautiful the feet that trod
The way and calling giv’n by God!
How beautiful the feet that bring
The Gospel Word from God, our King,
Which speaks of peace, of sins forgiv’n,
That open are the gates of heav’n
Through Christ, His Son, our Savior!

How beautiful the pouring hand
That adds us to the heav’nly band!
It pours the wat’ry Word of Christ,
Bestows His all-sufficient price.
This washes us with Jesus’ blood
That from His piercèd side once flowed
With water at His dying.

How beautiful the ears that hear
The sin that fills my heart with fear!
What wondrous joy when my ears hear
The Word that fills my heart with cheer!
“Your sin I hear and now forgive.
You shall not die, but you shall live,
For thus the Lord has sent me.”

How beautiful the hands that give
The Bread of Life by which we live!
How beautiful the hand that tips
The chalice to our sin-parched lips!
Those hands bestow Christ’s flesh and blood,
These give to us our highest good
For body, soul forever.

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