AC II and 2 Clement

They condemn the Pelagians and others who deny that this vice of origin is sin and who obscure the glory of Christ’s merit and benefits by arguing that man can be justified before God by the power of his own strength and reason. (AC II.3, emphasis added)

Brothers, we must think in the same way about Jesus Christ as we do about God, as Judge of the living and the dead. And we must not think little about our salvation, for when we think little about him, we also hope to receive little. And those who listen as though it were a small thing sin, and we ourselves sin when we do not acknowledge from where, by whom, and to what place we have been called, and how much Christ deigned to suffer for our sakes. (2 Clement 1.1–2)

6 thoughts on “AC II and 2 Clement

  1. Not just a comment on Clement, but on Sunday’s Gospel. Was more going on than meets the eye when Christ was talking about the difficulties of the rich entering heaven-He was very specific-and the disciples astonishment at this statement.

    1. Yes, it all fits with what Jesus boldly says, “Children, how difficult it is to enter the Kingdom of God!” (Mk 10:24)

  2. I said Mark was “busy”, v30 lists what we will recieve “100 fold” ,at the end it’s almost a laconic “with persecutions”, personally I liked the first part of that verse much better.

    1. Yeah, Jesus is talking about the Church there. Being part of the body of Christ may mean you give up “father, mother, children, etc.,” but you will gain them back hundredfold in the Church, “in this life.”

  3. Sun PM Missed your sermon due to family-had to visit one of my whiney children-WHERE’S YOUR SERMON?! Waiting patiently for it to appear.

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