A Reed That’s Bruised He Will Not Break

Inspiration: Matthew 11:2–10

Text: © 2016

A reed that’s bruised He will not break,
Nor flame from flickering candle take.
His mercy strengthens all weak knees,
His grace and love supplies our needs.

He shone His light in ev’ry place,
Bestowed on all His lavish grace,
To all He showed love, which He is,
And in this way He did all this:

The blind did see, the deaf could hear,
The leprous also were made pure,
The dead put off their fun’ral pall,
The lame like calves leapt from their stall.

But greater was the Word Christ preached
That even to the poorest reached:
The Gospel of His righteousness
For all with sins and soul‘s distress.

T’imprisoned John, He sent this Word,
That John might thus trust in his Lord,
Who came to be God’s holy Lamb,
Who’s e’en the Son, the great I AM.

He bears for all their sins so great;
For this grim death shall be His fate.
The Sinless one becomes our sin,
That we might righteous be again.

His Works leave no more room for doubt:
His Cross, His final Victor’s shout,
His death. But now His empty grave
Proves that He lives and lives to save.

All that Christ did He did for you.
Now, hence, all doubt! For He is true
To all His promises and Word
He sealed with blood that once was poured.

The doubts we have about our Lord
Are banished by His Works and Word.
For great and small He ever stays
Our Savior in our darkest days.

O Jesus Christ, our God and Lord,
We praise and honor and adore
You evermore for all you’ve done
For us who gain Your Vic’try won.

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