The Victory by God’s Own Son

            Louis Bourgeois, c. 1510–61
Text: Aaron T. Fenker, © 2017
Meter: LM

+ For the Sieberts +

The victory by God’s own Son
Has, over sin and death, been won.
All graves will be destroyed by Him
When, at the Last, He opens them.

Christ’s Comfort from Raising Lazarus (John 11)

Though we hate death, Christ hates it more;
As God, it pains Him to His core.
The life He made now ends with death,
For this He breathed not life’s first breath.

“I’m Resurrection, and I’m Life.
To all of Mine I shall give life.
I shall remove their stench of death
And shall restore to them their breath.”

Christ’s Comfort from Raising Jairus’ Daughter (Matthew 9)

We cry aloud to God above,
At once, when death takes those we love.
We shed our tears in pain and grief,
Yet look to Him who gives relief.

“There is no cause for you to weep,
For those you love are just asleep.
One day I’ll wake them, take their hand,
And lead them to My Promised Land.”

Christ’s Comfort from Raising the Widow’s Son (Luke 7)

Though clouds of death have gathered round,
And show’rs of tears pour heav’ly down,
The light of Jesus’ empty tomb
Dispels all sorrow, grief, and gloom.

“Take heart! I know you’re filled with gloom
As you march on to fill that tomb.
One Day, My call shall open up
This casket, and I’ll say, ‘Get up!’”

Christ’s Comfort from His Rising from the Dead (John 12)

The One who gave to all their breath
Endured the tragedy of death;
That life from death again would bloom
He thus was planted in a tomb.

“Unless a grain of wheat falls down
And dies, be’ng planted in the ground,
It will not sprout, nor send out shoot,
And will not bear abundant fruit.”

Christ’s Comfort from Psalm 116

Since Christ, the Seed, is dead no more,
Then those who sleep shall sleep no more
When God’s great trumpet shall resound
And call to life seeds from their ground.

The old and great, the young, the small,
Have gone to Him who made them all.
God says, who kept them day and night,
“Their death is precious in My sight.”

Christ’s Comfort as Good Shepherd (John 10)

In Christ we grieve not hopelessly,
Nor shed our tears unceasingly
For He’s our endless Life, our Stay,
And knows the tears He’ll wipe away.

“I know My sheep, and they know Me.
From death and grave I’ve set them free,
Bestowing life that has no end,
And naught, e’en death, plucks from My hand.”

The Comfort of the Preceding Promises

Though we dwell in this veil of tears
And death besets with many fears,
We live in hope that does not cease
For Jesus lives, and He’s our Peace!

The Word Christ speaks gives strength and life
So that we may endure each strife
And have firm hope while living here
Until the day we join Him there.

The Hope of the Resurrection and the Life to Come

We praise You, Christ, eternally
For You, from death and grave, are free.
We trust the same—Your promise true—
Shall be for all who trust in You.

Your Word alone, dear Lord, imparts
The balm that soothes our sorr’wful hearts.
Lord, keep, uplift us till that Day
When all death’s night shall pass away.

Upon that Day we know, O Lord,
For you have told us in Your Word,
That we shell see You face to face
Forevermore in that blest place.

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