Higher Things: Here I Stand 2017

If you’ve never been to Higher Things Conference, what’s it like?

What’s taught? (starts at ~28 min)

What’s worship like?

What about fun?

Axe Throwing (yes, axe throwing), blacksmithing, football, basketball, bow and arrow tag, exotic animal show, and a bunch, bunch, bunch, bunch of other stuff!

Meet Cuddles!

2 thoughts on “Higher Things: Here I Stand 2017

  1. Marilyn Newstrom August 1, 2017 — 9:55 am

    What mission projects did the LYF do?

    1. Higher Things doesn’t have mission projects at its conferences. Higher Things thinks that sort of work, as important as it is, is best done at the local congregations. The benefit of this is that mission projects aren’t viewed as something special only done at special events.

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