Trinity 15 (Mt 6:24–34)

September 24, 2017
Immanuel Lutheran Church—Bremen, KS || AUDIO
Bethlehem Lutheran Church—Bremen, KS || AUDIO


I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. We don’t really understand these word. We don’t really trust ’em. We say the words. We know what each word means. But we don’t really get what it’s all about. We think it’s all about stuff, and that God is the source of that stuff. That He created everything and gives us everything.

We learn that in the Catechism, but that’s only the start of what God reveals to us. (It’s why continued study of His Word is so important.) Anyway, Jesus has more for us today. It’s not just that God’s the source of our stuff. Since you’re baptized, it means He’s your Father. We don’t think of our earthly fathers as just sources of stuff. Jesus’ Father really is your Father. So He acts like it. Jesus tells us


((I. He created and preserves you.))

YOUR FATHER CARES FOR YOU; He created you! “Knit you together” and all that. He gives “all that you need to support this body and life.” But we think that’s a lot more than just “daily bread.” “The Gentiles, the nations, unbelievers” “chase after all sorts of things.” We do, too! The least important pieces of paper we can hold in our hands are money, our paychecks, even our W2s. But we act like they are, and worry.

What about this or that? This bill, that grain price, that thing we want is too much right now. We turn wants into needs faster than anybody. Daily bread isn’t the third new car, the vacation, the whatever we “need” to buy our kids, or whatever else. He may give those things, but no promises. We covet them, seek them, chase after them, just like the unbeliever.

He supplies food for the birds and clothing for the flowers. How much more will He give you the food you need for one day? “How much more will He clothe you, O you of little faith?”

((ΙΙ. He redeems you.))

YOUR FATHER CARES FOR YOU; so, He redeemed you. Your Father wasn’t content, wasn’t satisfied, wasn’t ok with just leaving us in the pit of our own desires—coveting, chasing all sorts of other things, building up for ourselves a kingdom that moths, rust, and thieves can destroy. Really, kings and queens nothing.

But His Kingdom, not of this world, breaks in. His Kingdom, the Father’s Kingdom, comes for you. Flesh and blood Savior, flesh and blood God, flesh and blood Son to save you from your flesh and blood desires, your flesh and blood kingdom that cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

He redeems you, all of you. A body and soul Savior, to save you body and soul. His Son’s death redeems even your body. That’s what your Father wants, after all. He didn’t create your body to destroy it but nourish and care for it, even to save it. How much more does He clothe you in Holy Baptism, making your body—your body!—a temple of the Holy Spirit. How much more does He feed you, spiritually sustaing your body, giving it the Medicine of eternal life—the body and blood of His Son, given and shed for you. Now, you are really prince, priest, heir with His Son.

((III. He will resurrect you.))

But the Father’s not done with you yet. There’s always more gift from Him. HE WILL CARE FOR YOU. So, we look for the resurrection of the dead. It will happen. He raised Jesus’ body from the dead, so your body will rise again from the dead. The Father will raise it. He’ll not only restore it. He’ll glorify it. He won’t let death and grave have rule and power over your body. He created your body to live, by His Son He redeemed your body to live, and so by His Spirit He will resurrect your body to live.

You will live forever body and soul. That day, the Last Day, the Day that never ends is an eternity that has no trouble. No worry, no death, no sin just body and soul eternal life for you with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER CARES AND WILL CARE FOR YOU. He created you. He redeemed you. He will resurrect you. He can’t not! His Kingdom has come. His Son ushered in the Kingdom by His death and resurrection FOR YOU.

It’s true now: “sufficient for each day is its own trouble.” But how He has clothed you! (Washed, clothed in Baptism.) How He feeds you! (His Son’s Body and Blood for you.) “How much more will He clothe and feed you than grass of the field and the birds of the air, O you of little faith?” How much more will He care for you resurrected from the dead forever?


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