The Risen Christ that Easter Night

Tune: Angelus
Georg Joseph, 17th cent., adapt.; setting: Cantica Spiritualia, 1847
Meter: LM
Text: Aaron T. Fenker, Sr. © 2021

The risen Christ that Easter night,
Appeared to men enchained with fright,
E’en through locked doors wherein they stayed,
By this our fears are all allayed.

2. For Christ, not we, removes our fears.
The glorious scars His flesh now bears
Have finished all we ne’er could do,
So too His Word: “My peace for you.”

3. The guilt and doubt o’er all our sin
Are banished once our Lord breaks in
To speak His Word of endless peace,
For it from sin grants us release.

4. Take heart! For you there is no cost—
This peace was won on Calv’ry’s cross.
What Jesus Christ won for us there
Is gifted now unto you here.

5. For Christ appoints His chosen men
And gifts the Spirit unto them
And sends them out, e’en unto you,
For them to speak His peace to you.

6. The keys that Jesus’ pastors use
Grant absolution unto those
Who, by His grace, believe that Word—
Such great author’ty from our Lord!

7. Yet one forgiveness has been won
By Jesus Christ for everyone.
He gives it out, the whole world through;
He speaks it, Christians, e’en through you!

8. Hence, sin and fear and doubt and guilt!
Christ’s precious blood for us was spilt;
That Peace is given out—it’s true!—
Whene’er we say, “I forgive you.”

9. O Christ, we praise You for You’ve won
Eternal peace for everyone
This peace You also through us give.
We praise You, Lord, long as You live,

10. And thus we praise Him who sent You
And Him proceeding from You two,
For Peace on earth, goodwill toward men.
Glory to God fore’er! Amen.

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