O Christ, You Lead Us to the Mount

Tune: Du Lebensbrot, Herr Jesus Christ (LSB 622)
Peter Sohren, c. 1630–92, alt.
Meter: 87 87 887
Text: Aaron T. Fenker, Sr. © 2022
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

O Christ, You lead us to the Mount
Where You reveal Your glory.
You manifest it unto us
Through Scripture’s page and story;
Your Spirit hallowed each hand, Lord,
To write this True and Holy Word,
That we may see and hear You.

2. Your burial and atonement hills
The Spirit kept foretelling.
This truth, once by the prophets giv’n,
Now unbelief keeps veiling.
By Your good Spirit, snatch that veil,
That from all eyes may fall each scale,
That all may see You clearly.

3. You were enthroned on Calv’ry’s mount—
For us You condescended!
You razed our thorny curse of death
The day You resurrected!
Your blood, Your cross, Your empty tomb
Unbar the path that leads us to
Eternal Eden’s mountain.

4. This Mount, which we today ascend,
Hosts not Your sun-like splendor,
Nor fiery bush nor cloud nor Voice—
Yet paradisal grandeur!
Vain earthly glory we don’t seek,
For here You choir us, poor and meek,
With all the saints and angels.

5. Upon this Mountain, Lord of hosts,
You spread Your Feast before us
Sore grieved by sin and death; You thus
Forgive, refresh, restore us;
Your true flesh and true blood, O Lord,
Which we consume here at Your Word,
Assure our resurrection!

6. On that Day, Lord, raise us from death
That these our eyes may see You!
We see You now through faith alone—
Yet how we dimly see You!
We’ll know You then as we’ve been known,
Lost, face to face before Your throne,
In beatific vision!

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