The Prince of Life and Blessèd Son

Photo by Grant Whitty on Unsplash

Inspiration: Acts 3:15

Meter: 86 86 88 86

Text: © 2022

Music: Princeps Vitae © 2022

The Prince of Life and Blessèd Son
Died on th’accursèd tree.
He is the highest, holiest One,
Yet charged with villainy!
The King for rebels sheds His blood;
He suffers for our war with God.
The Word who spoke all things to be
Is silent, dead, entombed!

For us all this He underwent,
To be our lasting Peace.
For the condemned His life He spent,
To purchase our release.
His glorious cross and empty tomb
Proclaim the captives free from doom.
The Prince of Life, of Rest, of Peace
For us from life was rent.

The cross plunged Christ into death’s flood,
To keep His Rest in gloom.
Death’s emptiness and formless void
Prevailed within His tomb,
Until He came to life again,
Dissolving death’s ad’mantine chain.
His lifeless grain to life did bloom;
Now death’s of pow’r devoid!

Death is each day in close pursuit,
To claim us as his own;
Yet when life charts a grave-ward route,
We need not fear our own,
For Christ our Lord now lives to reign
And makes on us eternal claim.
We’ll not fore’er in dirt be sown,
But live—He life’s Firstfruit!

Since we’ve been placed into His death
By water and His Word,
We need not fear our final breath—
The gate unto our Lord!
His Body’in bread and Blood in wine
Graft us to Him, as branch to Vine,
“Thus I will raise you,” says the Lord—
The antidote of death!

We now await the final day,
Toward which the world does wend,
When Christ, Who is your Life and Way,
His heav’nly hosts will send,
And they will harvest all His sheep,
E’en all those held in death’s dark keep.
Till then He’ll keep us to the end
Of earth, e’en ev’ry day.

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