O Lamb of God Appointed

Photo by Jasmin Staab on Unsplash

Inspiration: Jn 1:29; Rev 5:9; Mt 28:18–20; Tit 3:5–8

Meter: 76 76 776

Text: © 2022

Tune: Herr Christ, der einig Gotts Sohn 🔊

Music: Eyn Enchiridion oder Handbüchlein, Erfurt, 1524

O Lamb of God appointed
To die and rise for sin,
That, with Your blood anointed,
We’d stand fore’er forgiv’n.
We, ransomed to the Father
By You, His Son, our Brother,
Now praise You evermore.

The sacrifice You offered
Was holiest, sweetest, best,
Far more than what we proffered
In human sinfulness,
Since naught redeems another
From sins passed from his father
Except what You have paid.

Lord, surff’ring from the soldiers
Who plowed their furrows long,
Being numbered with transgressors
Though You had done no wrong,
You died and then were buried;
You, Lord, our sin thus carried.
You did this all for us!

That life You humbly tendered
You took back Easter’s morn;
To You all pow’rs are rendered,
O God, the Virgin-Born.
You are with us remaining,
Our life and faith sustaining,
Until this age shall end.

For us You wield all power
To bring Your own to You,
E’en in our final hour
Or when this world is through.
Your baptism and your teaching,
To ev’ry nation reaching—
You won us thus to You.

O Lamb of God, our Savior,
Your death and precious blood
Have ransomed us forever,
And, through Your Font’s blest flood,
We’re heirs of Your life ever;
Naught us from You can sever.
Eternal praise be Yours!

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