Not the Final Trumpet Blast

Photo by Megs Harrison on Unsplash

Inspiration: Ezekiel 37; 1 Thessalonians 4; Matthew 25

Meter: 7777

Text: © 2022

Tune: Vienna 🔊

Music: Justin H. Knecht, 1752–1817

Not the final trumpet blast,
Nor th’archangel’s cry at last
Have the pow’r to wake the dead—
Only Christ our Lord and Head!

He was dead and lives again
And, ascended unto heav’n,
Christ now rules with pow’r and might
So to guard us day and night.

When the final day shall dawn—
For th’elect’s sake not too long!—
Christ shall come and all shall see
He is God eternally.

Christ the Holy Ghost shall send
And the cords of death shall rend,
And the Spirit shall raise the dead,
As Christ promised us and said,

“Thus your life from death I’ll save,
Calling you out from your grave:
O My people, rise and stand!
Then you’ll see and know I AM.”

Christ shall send His hosts to reap
All of His beloved sheep,
Who in faith confessed His name,
And were marked, washed with the same!

Those who cared—eternal loss!—
Not for Him nor for His cross,
He shall send in shame and guilt
To the place for Satan willed.

Then shall Christ give all to Him
Who had given all to Him;
God shall then be all in all,
Praised by all both great and small.

△ Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
We, with all the heavenly host,
Shall your holy name adore
Now, fore’er, and evermore.

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