The People Who in Darkness Dwell

Inspiration: Isaiah 9:2; Matthew 4:16; Luke 1:79

Meter: CM (86 86)

Text: © 2023

Tune: St. Etheldreda

Music: Thomas Turton, 1780–1864; alt. Aaron T. Fenker

1 The people who in darkness dwell,
Have seen a glorious light;
The light of Christ who raised the dead,
Who gave the blind their sight.

2 All those allayed within death’s night
Shall not asleep remain,
For Christ shall call them from their tomb,
And they shall live again.

3 The promise of this truth shines forth
From Christ’s own empty grave.
He suffered all, e’en death itself,
His own from death to save.

4 My joy’s not just Christ’s ancient tomb
Lost to the sands of time,
For His death’s mine, since I passed through
The Font, my bier sublime!

5 Not just His death—His life again
Is mine forevermore!
I now shall live, as Christ now lives;
In Him my life’s secure.

6 Since Christ has died and Christ is raised,
And I’m baptized, His own,
There is laid up, from Him for me,
The Lord’s own righteous crown.

7 Though I may dwell in darkness now,
I see th’approaching Day
That shines of Christ, who died, now lives.
Then I shall live always.

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