Trinity 12 (Mk 7:31–37)

Immanuel Lutheran Church—Bremen, KS
Mission Fest 2018 || AUDIO

Rev. Duane Bamsch
Zion Lutheran Church, Terra Bella, CA
Vice President Higher Things


He wants to speak but he can’t. He doesn’t know how to make the words, because he doesn’t know how they sound. Because he can’t hear. 

He tries anyway, but it all get jumbled up and hung up in his mouth. It just doesn’t work.

It means that, even in the middle of a crowd and at the dinner table, he’s isolated and alone. His family and friends know this, but there’s nothing they can do. 

Until they hear about Jesus. He’s supposed to be able to heal. He’s supposed to be able to do the miraculous. Maybe he can do something. Continue reading