O Jesus, Blessed Lord

 O Jesus, blessed Lord,
Thou art so dear to me,
For Thou didst come within Thy word
When pastor spake to me.

It is a wond’rous thing;
Mine heart doth leap for joy –
Just as an hart doth in the spring –
When I Thy grace enjoy.

O Christ, my precious gem,
Thou art mine heart’s desire;
Thy pastor sins doth not condemn,
When I Thy grace require.

A soothing word is giv’n
And balm to end despair,
And opened are the gates of heav’n,
When Christ the keys doth bear.

Those keys, which bind and free,
Oft cause my heart to wail
Because I doubt that there can be
Forgiveness when I fail.

My pastor is a man,
But he is there to be
The mouth of Christ so that Christ can
Release my sins from me.

When doubts assail my mind
About this wond’rous grace
I look unto Christ’s words to find
Where I may flee apace.

The Office standeth e’er
A bastion strong and sound,
For Christ’s forgiveness is found there,
And there it doth abound!

O Jesus, blessed Lord,
To me Thou art so dear;
Within Thy Office with Thy word
For me be ever near!



2 thoughts on “O Jesus, Blessed Lord

  1. This a Fenker original?

  2. Yes, it is. Both text and tune.

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