An age of Terror

Humanity has made it through many different ages throughout history.  We’ve learned about many of them in history classes: the Pax Romana, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution – just to name a few.  Today we have entered into a seemingly much more ominous age – The Age of Terror.

It’s an age of planes flying into buildings, dirty bombs, and terrorist plots.  Yet, there is more.  There is a fascination which many of the educational channels on Television are moving forward, that being disasters and how humanity will meet its end.

Even I sometimes get caught up in this and begin to have fear about what will come, but are not two sparrows sold in the market for a penny, and not one of them falls apart from my Father’s hand; you are worth more than many sparrows.  These are words of great comfort that Christ Jesus gives us.  Why worry about the end that we may receive?  As Christians are end has already come!!!

You might ask, “When did our end come?”  It came when we were Baptized.  We were Baptized into Christ’s death, and, therefore, we died too.  That death was the end of death.  We shall no more die, but only live.  Now we shall not fear though the earth give way, because our Baptism shall never pass away.  Out of its waters God formed the rock, which is Christ, and gave us the ground of faith that will never be cast back into the depths of death.

Jesus lives! The victory’s won!
Death no longer can appal me;
Jesus lives! Death’s reign is done!
From the grave Christ will recall me.
Brighter scenes will then commence;
This shall be my confidence.  (TLH #201 v1)

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